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Trance X4, front end rattle

bambabamba Posts: 856
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Not long had my trance x4 2010 spec, overall very pleased with it, how ever there is a anyoing rattle from the front that can be heard over fast and rough ground, its not the "swooshing"noise of the fork i'm on about, a definite rattle,got a feeling its the front pads rattling with what seams to be strong spring fitted in the caliper resulting in a big gap,
The noise goes when the front wheel is lifted, and when the front brake is on (shimano alivio brakes)
Can only produce the sound when being riden, ie not static
the bike is almost 4 weeks old now so will be going back for its check up soon,have any other trance owners experienced this ?

full spec here ... 868/39077/
any help appreciated.


  • underdogunderdog Posts: 292
    Something needs a tighen or as you suggested something on the brakes, my juicy 3s make all kinds of noises at one point or another, some days they are quiet. Maybe take the pads out and have a look, maybe one is out of the metal clip enough to rattle?
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    every thing is tight,pads are fitted ok, was thinking more along the lines of the brake pads rattling due to the clearance between the disc while the spring has got them pushed back,was thinking off taking the pads out and trying a quick run just to eliminate them, or not
  • hairy_boyhairy_boy Posts: 345
    Could it be your brake hoses/gear cables rattling against the head tube of your frame when going over bumps ?
  • bambabamba Posts: 856
    no, ive done my best to re route / isolate any cable noise, sounds very metalic, again nothing has been found to be loose,caliper,disc ect
  • underdogunderdog Posts: 292
    As you said, take out the front pads and go for a little (safe) ride, and see if it's them?
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