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I've just had a second blow out on a fox triad rear shock in the space of 12 months. The shock was fully serviced following the last problem yet the same thing has happened again after 12 mths and no more than 400 miles of riding. Prior to this the shock had lasted almost 24mths from new. The shock is always protected when riding and the bike always kept clean. Their advice is that the shocks should be serviced every 12mths, which seems a tad excessive, but I wondered if anyone else had experienced unreliability issues with fox shocks, and particularly the triad (on a Specialized FSR XC Pro). Essentially the problem lies with the front seals blowing out and causing all the fluid to escape through the adjuster dials.
I'm really debating giving up on FS bikes if it's going to cost £100 every 6-12mths in shock services.


  • chedabobchedabob Posts: 1,133
    Would a coil shock not solve the problem?
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    My triad was was perfect for the time I had it, then I swapped to a Float RP2 and blew it up first ride... :x

    Since that I've decided to send it to TF Tuned and get it pushed. That way I will know that if it blows again I can send it back to them and get it sorted rather than starting the whole process again and again.
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    No problems with my Triad either, done 1600 miles on, no seal changes, intermittent strip and cleans. Stumpy FSR.
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  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,197
    It's no help whatsoever but the RP on my Rize has done more than 6000 off-road miles with FA in the way of maintenance.
  • weescottweescott Posts: 453
    Suspension needs regular servicing to keep it running smooth. 12 months service interval is not excessive. Either learn to service the shock yourself or stump up the £100 to service your suspension every year. I have had to service my front and rear shock twice each in 12months. It's the nature of the game. Deal with it.
  • SkonkSkonk Posts: 364
    Been running a Triad on my Stumpy Elite for bang on 12 months now; dunno how many miles but it's been ridden pretty hard (on my third chain now having worn 2 out so far).

    I've not had any issues at all with it.

    Will be sending it off for a service soon dispite it not feeling like it needs it; but i'd rather make sure it keeps on working as well as it has been up to now.
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  • mudsuckermudsucker Posts: 718
    Got the triad on my 08 stumpy FSR and its been good as gold. Had it serviced along with my fox float forks at mojo about Aug last year as fork were feeling a bit rough and thought i may as well get them both done at the same time. Think i will do the servicing myself this year as i can do it alot cheaper that £180!
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  • When you say it is protected all the time?
    Could the shock be overheating as they are designed to get rid of heat via the wind rushing past them.
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  • AlexAlex Posts: 2,086
    More to the point, using a neoprene boot on a modern shock is counter productive, as it clamps muck against the piston and can force muck past the seals.

    There's just no need for one at all. Ditto on modern forks.

    I've blown a Triad up once. The retailer had it off to Mojo and repaired quite quickly and it's failed to fail since.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    chedabob wrote:
    Would a coil shock not solve the problem?
    Not likey. I'm pretty sure the FSR is one of those bikes that is designed around a certain characteristic shock.
    Changing from an air to a more linear coil sprung shock could produce horrible characteristics.
  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 3,966
    dont use a neoprene boot, its a baaaad idea, just clean it after each ride.... also regualr home services (strip downs including a clena and fresh oil, and new seals (the kit is about £25 if i remember correctly)) should keep it good, but for now send it back, sounds faulty.
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  • ShatnerShatner Posts: 20
    I use a shock boot, but only because the placement of the shock and the frame design means its sat right in front of the rear wheel and is totally exposed to mud and stones etc flying off the tyre (frame is an 06 Teocali). I keep meaning to forge some sort of custom mudguard to sit behind it and protect it.
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