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Where can i buy this freehub body 8 speed cassette?

carl038carl038 Posts: 3
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Hi all

This is my first time in the forum, i have an Alex R500 wheel and the freewheel sounds very rough. I am sure the freehud body need to be replaced but i cannot find a similar one on the web. There is nothing printed on the hub, I think is a "Formula" hub because the original skewer is a "Formula". I took it off using an 11 allen key . Also I emailed to "formula" but i did not get any answer back.
I attached some pictures.
Please help.



  • Hello,

    8sp/9sp/10sp hubs are all the same width, so you would have to find a modern one to fit this hub. In all honesty though these look like generic hubs supplied on a allez or base model giant that correct?

    If so it might be worth just replacing the whole wheel (iknow it seems a waste!) as a new cassette body will not be cheap, even if you can find one. This is £58 for tiagra hub, mavic rim, better quality and suitable replacement. ... Wheel.html
  • carl038carl038 Posts: 3

    The bike is a GT series 5, i agree about your suggestion, i will see if i can buy new wheels.
  • I hate thowing things away which could be repaired, and I generally would not say that! ...but for the time/effort to find a replacement, then purchase the new freehub which is maybe going to cost £30+ just make more sense to spend £60 on a good replacement.
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