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Fitting a rack to Cannondale CAAD2 R500

STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
edited August 2010 in Tour & expedition
Hi all, hopefuly someone may be able to clear something up for me because, as usual, the more i research the more i disappear up my own @rse, but at least i haven't wasted money buying the wrong thing yet, this time.

Anyhoo i want to use the above bike for some touring, i will need to carry a tent, sleaping bag and a couple of items of clothing as i will use money to buy most things as i go.

What cheap-ish rack will go on the bike or is it going to best to maybe try and sell the ol' girl and put the money towards a cheap second hand tourer with the required mounts?

Many thanks for any help with this. :)
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