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just go with it or analyse analyse analyse?

phoenixlistonphoenixliston Posts: 112
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I was recently reading this technique article:

Which reminded me of this bike radar article i read a while ago:

It got me thinking..
that I'm probably not mindful enough of my fundamental riding technique, i think once you have been doing somehting for a while it is easy to 'autopilot' some of the more basic yet quite important elements..such as body position and cornering technique.

Do you find you tend to 'go with it' a lot like i seem to or am i missing out and do most of you keep a watchful eye on how you approach corners, trails and your general riding style at all times?[/url]


  • cavegiantcavegiant Posts: 1,546
    I cycle (bad opening pun sorry).

    It is important to occasionally reevaluate you technique or bad habits will creep in.

    My censored was slowly getting higher and higher while decending. Once I realised I was doing it, made sure I kept LOW when shooting DH, the jump in speed and control was significant.

    It all depends on your aims, I want to get better, so pay attention to what I do.
    Why would I care about 150g of bike weight, I just ate 400g of cookies while reading this?
  • agreed! and i definately want to get better...otherwise..what's the point i guess?

    having read the article and thought about it while riding i found that I often corner at high speed with the pedals at 9-3, rather than light of this i made effort to set them as suggested in the how-to and - I felt much more stable on the bike which allowed me to go through smoother and faster... winner :)
  • JimmerGJimmerG Posts: 143
    Its a good point - I've been riding for years and years - I've been reading technique articles for years and years too. On the whole I take it all on board, but the minute I go out riding I forget it all, and revert back to my natural riding style.

    But there is always the occasional tip that can easily be used out on the trails.

    Like for example - just remembering to stay loose, and not gripping the bars too tight when decending. Its all too easy to tighten up and make a real mess of things - I notice this if I'm tired or out of practise.

    Also MBUK noted how so many of us drag the brakes very slightly on downhills - thus imperceptively throwing our weight forwards and screwing up our balance. I'd never thought of this, and indeed I do do it - and it does make a difference when you remember not to do it.

    So I read the articles - ignore most of them - but the occasion hint does stick... But I certainly don't get too hung up on technique... like so many golfers do with their precious golf swing.

    I ain't no race demon - and I certinaly haven't threatened any podiums recently, I just rag around with mates in the woods/trail centres.
  • For me technique is always something i'm focusing on especially on my downhill sections. I ride mostly XC, but this is always to the top of mountains then we have to go back down, often averaging about 50-60kmh downhill sections through the trails.

    There are quite a few of those techniques he was talking about that I try to make a conscious effort to do, especially with pedal posistion and not trailing rear brakes. It may not feel comfortable at first to ride with pedals at 12-6, but after a while it does become comfortable, and the control difference is quite beneficial. For not trailing the rear brake, scare yourself a bit the first few times riding, and then you won't be so scared and trail the brake all the time. Worked well for me. Some real great tips in there!
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