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moco/floodgate adjust query

tseniortsenior Posts: 664
edited August 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello, fitted my reba duel air and now had the opportunity to have a good play with them, vast improvement on the old suntours but one slight niggle, sorry for the long post but need to explain properly.

set up sag and -ve pressure using the manual and the FAQs, found i like mine a bit firmer than that achieved using SRAM reccomended pressures (+ve 130, -ve 115) gives 15% sag but still get the full travel on the rougher sections with min compression damping, rebound set fine, forks perform great in all situations except:

steep down steps (by which i mean stairs, sequences of roots, sequential small rock drops with a total height change >1m but over several small drops) rolled at very low speed for various sound reasons (dont tell me to go faster :wink: )

on these the forks responsiveness becomes a hinderence as instead of rolling onwards the front wheel tends to bump against the next hard object, the fork compresses, wheel stops and i have to put a foot down. I ride these on my rigid (and previously on my uber stiff forks) no problem as these just bump over and onto the next step and i maintain enough momentum to keep balance

i've set the floodgate accordig to the rider weights in the manual (11.5 st btw): so does the floodgate function only come into play when the moco is set to lock? Even when compression damping set at 80% towards lock the forks still dive enough to absorb the momentum and stop the wheel, should i set the floodate as if i was a big boy and lock the forks out for these features? bit of a faff as its usually straight onto faster terrain.


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