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Havent been on a road bike for over 20 years but my expanding waistline means I need to start again. I'm looking for a cheap intro bike and have seen a few online and was just looking for recommendations. I'm well aware of the compromises and limitations of these bikes but don't want to spend £500 and never use it. Budget of about £300 and seen carrera tdf, Claud butler criterium & Raleigh pursuit. Any feedback on these bikes or any others I should look at?? All help much appreciated :-)



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    Have a check on a Decathlon\ Btwin Sport 1. I have seen a few threads commending the value, I own a sport 3 and am impressed with it.
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  • The TdF is a popular choice at the budget. My dad wanted one and I saw positive comments, along with the fact people had gone in store and pciked them up for £270.

    I love a bargain and a bit of a barter so went with him to buy one and got it for £255. so if you are on a tight budget then go try it out.
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    Why not get a second hand bike? Shop carefully and you'll get more for your money than buying a budget new bike imo
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    I just got a (pretty battered) Carrera off eBay and it's doing me fine - I stumped up a little cash for a couple of new parts and a general service to make sure it was road-worthy, but it still owes me about half the cost of the equivalent new bike.

    If you know you're going to stick at it and you've got the cash, I'd buy new, but if you want to see how you get on with it and only have cash in drips and drabs then second hand is a good idea.
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    Yup, I ride an old steel bike I picked up for £250, it had just been serviced, handlebars retaped etc and hasn't cost me a penny since. Yes it's heavy but that's only going to help my fitness and if I'm still riding it regularly later in the year I can get something decent
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    Why not get a second hand bike? Shop carefully and you'll get more for your money than buying a budget new bike imo


    Lots of folk buy bikes with good intentions and then leave them in the garage. I got my bike almost unused for 1/3 it's new price. Look on ebay and gumtree but keep your wits about you. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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    In my opinion one of the main reasons people give up cycling is owning a shite bike. Most bikes rusting away in garages are cheap MTBs that weigh the same as a small family car with tyres knobbly enough to scale Everest. If you buy a quality second hand bike it will be more pleasurable and give you the motivation to carry on. I would buy a low spec quality framed bike then if you enjoy it you can upgrade it as you get better and the parts wear out.