Gloucester (slimbridge)

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heading to slimbridge next sunday for a week. Would like to get out for a ride, single track/ DH. routes need to be noob friendly :roll: .

any sugestions wheres good and local.


James :wink:


  • DLH1985
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    I don't ride off-road myself, but I always see MTBers around North Nibley which isn't very far from Slimbridge (go south along the A38 and then turn left, go steady as you'll need to go up Frog Lane - a short 20% ramp up to the village). As you come into the village you should see a layby infront of a cemetary - there's usually people there if not take the track directly opposite. Hope that helps!

    P.S. If you're working at the WWT my dad works there as part of the horticultural team.
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    cheers for that fella, will be visiting the WWT during the week no doubt :)
  • craker
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    Slimbridge is pancake flat you need to head towards the Cotswolds for some semblance of gradiant. I've got a mag. somewhere with an offroad route starting in Wooton Under Edge that heads into the hills, alas Bikely shows nothing in that area.