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from threaded forks to threadless forks

zaidar61szaidar61s Posts: 3
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hi people

recently my forks on my bike have bust and are no longer useful at all. ive decided to replace them. the current forks are 1" threaded for 26" wheels. but ive found a set of 1" forks on ebay that are threadless and comes with FORKS/HEADSET/STEM. will it be a straight swap from the old threaded forks to the new threadless ones.

link to threadless forks ... 2280wt_916

this is my bike




  • gethmetalgethmetal Posts: 208
    Should be fine mate. They've been trading on eBay for years so I expect what you see is what you get with 'em.

    You may need tools for fitting the headset cups though, but in my experience this isn't always true.
  • zaidar61szaidar61s Posts: 3
    thank you for your reply

    cant i use my old headset cups? as i dont think the ebay forks comes with them
    thanks again
  • gethmetalgethmetal Posts: 208
    I reckon it does come with cups, and I also reckon you will need to change them.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    If both headsets uses caged bearings then you might be able to keep the ones in the frame - also depends on how well the top cover on the new headset fits over the upper cup - try it first is the only real answer.
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