Quill stem adapter

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Hello, I have a Colnago Master X-Light which (I think) has a 1 1/8" headset. I'd really like to use a quill stem on it though. Is there some sort of adapter I can use to fit something like this http://www.hubjub.co.uk/nitto/nittotnomzm.htm to my bike ?

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  • John.T
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    Why. They are nowhere near as stiff and are more difficult to fit bars to.
    You are unlikely to find any way of fitting to a 1 1/8" steerer which would probably use a 'Ahead' style of headset anyway. Quill can only be fitted to a threaded steerer (without a lot of bodging).
  • 2alexcoo
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    The current Master X-Light takes a 1" threadless (A-head) headset.

    To use a quill stem you'd have to get the fork steerer threaded so you could use a threaded headset. You'd need to speak to a framebuilder about this.

    Your best bet is probably to stick with the threadless setup and go with the Nitto UI-5GX stem and Nitto noodle bars.

    Alternatively, you can use any 1,1/8" stem with a shim to fit the 1" steerer.
  • sehmis
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    Thanks for the informed advice.

    Reason for wanting to use a quill stem is purely for aesthetics.

    Getting the frame threaded is probably more trouble than its worth. Appreciate the advice though.