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Cav's HTC Jersey had a...

berksbadgerberksbadger Posts: 36
edited July 2010 in Pro race white blue stripe below his main front panel. I don't think other HTC team mates had this feature. Can someone tell me if this is a 'trophy' he is entiled to?
Note: am only just getting to grips with the the 'championship flashes' on arms and understanding the various 'insignia' so please be gentle?


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    They all did!

    It was just for the tdf (the french flag...)


    They did summink similar for the Giro -

  • I see! Thanks for that - I get soooo worried that a few carelessly cast colours upon someones shoulders could champion could lead to a serious war about actual entiltlement to being the Anatartica national hill climb - so I am careful!!!

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