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Team Banana double to triple

Nicholls2kNicholls2k Posts: 51
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Right - have just moved to Bath and want to continue to commute on my Team Banana bike. My commute is not long however it takes in a few V. steep hills. The gearing on the bike is totally wrong for the up and I would never be able to get enough weight on the peddles to get up them. ... banana.jpg
(have to say mines a bit better condition/sexier)

I reckon that there is enough play in the current shimano STI shifter to be able to make the shifts.

So, where would I go about getting a tripple chainring from? Does anyone know what size I would need? Would I need to replace the BB/Cranks?

Many thanks


  • Weejie54Weejie54 Posts: 750
    You have more than one option.
    You could get a Stronglight adaptor ring to replace your inner chainring (the bolt circle diameter of your chainset should be 130mm) and a third chainring to fit (smallest ring to fit the adaptor is 24 tooth but you would likely have problems with the difference between that size and your large chainring - 30 tooth or 28 tooth would be better).
    The adaptor can be obtained here: ... 141&z=1165

    If you cost that with the price of a small ring you may find that you could get a triple chainset for the same price or less. The adaptors do tend to flex a little so, if you are doing a lot of climbing, you might find a triple more suitable.
    You would likely need to fit a longer axle in the BB (trial and error - often the mode in this kind of job). You will have the old style BB with separate bearings and axle. These axles are getting more scarce though there are a couple of sources on eBay selling them:

    Here and here.
    You may well need to replace your front derailleur but sometimes you can get away without doing so.
    If you do the job yourself, you will need a crank extractor too. Your chain length might need to be adjusted. Your rear mech should be able to accommodate the chain wrap needed for the small ring.

    Be prepared to spend!
  • Nicholls2kNicholls2k Posts: 51
    Cheers for that Info.

    WIll try pricing up a few options, sadly though its all looking like I'll be spending more than double what the bike is worth :(
  • wgwarburtonwgwarburton Posts: 1,863
    Nicholls2k wrote:
    Cheers for that Info.

    WIll try pricing up a few options, sadly though its all looking like I'll be spending more than double what the bike is worth :(

    How are you valuing it?

    I'm always a bit wary of these sorts of assessment- a decent bike is a decent bike- now, if it has a rusty frame, worn out wheels & drivetrain, bent brakes etc fair enough... it may not be cost effective to repair it.... but if the cheaper alternative is a nasty BSO, it's not necessarily better value. A good used bike is better than a bad new one.

    What would it cost you to replace it with a bike that does what you want?

    A £200 rebuild might be worth more than a £150 bike.

  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    Change to compact double? Nearly the same gearing for much less hassle.

    Plus 1 for what WG says - binning stuff because second hand items are undervalued is wrong!
    Faster than a tent.......
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