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6700 chain advice

billysanbillysan Posts: 575
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Ive just taken delivery of my new bike, with full 6700 fitted. The shifting is rather dissapointingly poor at best. My old Tiagra set suddenly seems rather good. Ive been playing around with it, and havnt had much luck. I was wondering about the chain. I know its directional now, Im just wondering if it has been fitted back to front as there are no obvious markings to tell otherwise.

It is fitted with the bevelled outerplates to the outside, is this correct?



  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,025
    edited August 2010
    Learn something new every day .. I didnt know chain was unidirectional.
    Picture as:

    I am not a fan of Shimano chains anyways, and only using this one to the death as I have a Wipperman chain ready to fit.
    The side plates of Shimano do seem to be made of the proverbial cheese and need a check evry few days of usage just to be on the dafe side.

    6700 is internally routed , so maybe that is the cause of the not so slick shifting as compared with tragra
    Consider re cabling with summat like jagwire maybe?
    Mine is fine
  • marin_maniacmarin_maniac Posts: 513
    I recently bought a Trek with 6700 on it. It shifts very well after some false starts. This is what I did to get it to shift as well as it does:

    * Replaced the cables with Jagwire racer, gave the inners a drop of oil and increased the length of the cable outer which connects to the rear mech so there is a decent run of 'straight edge' before it connects to the mech

    * Routed the shifter cabel round the rear of the handlebars

    * I changed the chain from a Sram 1050 to Ultegra 6700

    I have to say that Ultegra 6700 shifts so well and I find the hoods much more comfy than the Sram Rival I've got on my other bike, I'm getting very close to replacing the Sram with Ultegra.
  • billysanbillysan Posts: 575
    Thanks for the advice guys. I seem to have it sorted now. The chain was on the right way. The problem seems to be that the gear cable was routed along the front of the bars, and the inner was dragging in that channel where it exits the shifter. Gave it a drop of oil here and it seems to be much better. The inner isnt long enough to fit a nice long loop at the rear, but will do that when I replace the cables. All the cables seem to be pretty cheap ones unfortunately, but I'll stick some decent ones in a month or so and see if there is an improvement.

    I must say though, I love the ergonomics of 6700. And the brakes are awesome!
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