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FatbadgerFatbadger Posts: 51
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Right, I'm looking to commute to work and am currently in the process of getting my boss to set up the cyclescheme however I need advice on a bike.

It will have 2 uses,

Firstly I will ride it 22miles to work and 22miles home for most of the year and up to 3x a week. It is important that I can take my 15" laptop and SLR Camera and ideally my lunch box back and forth so I was looking for different ways of carrying these.

A) Different kinds of bag, backpack or messenger bag. The downside is that I don't have showers at work so the less sweaty my back gets the easier it will be to scrub up in the sink :D I know a lot of commuters use messenger bags but wouldn't they slide around?

B) Panniers. The problem here is that I don't think most of the quicker road bikes I was looking at have mounts for them although I did see this on another post.
alfablue wrote:
LOOK! Just seen this on another thread:

Axiom Streamliner Road DLX. No mounts needed, sits 4cm behind dropout.
available here for £29.99

Does anybody know if they are any good? If so that will easily fix my storage problems.

Quite self explanatory, this is why I want to go for more of a racer than standard tourer.

Obviously I have less than £1000 to spend through cycle scheme. Ideally £800 or less would be better. I am attracted to 105/tiagra shifters for when I do sportives.

What is the best mix of the two? Any help much appreciated!


  • if you have the money to spend, go for a long tail, no back toting at all and you will come to find it indespinsible. Look at I have an old trek that I turned into a longtail and I could not live without it. I also have a motobecane fixie as my other fast bike. So I have a stationwagon and a sports car.
    Good luck
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  • AlphabetAlphabet Posts: 436
    you could go for one of the topeak beam racks: ... elID=28767

    there are loads of different ones, but this has side frames for this bag: ... elID=28663

    which has pop out panniers for when you need em. whole thing just clips on, no straps or anything. you can get a waterproof cover too if need be as it's only splash proof.

    don't use it with a carbon seatpost though...
  • izthewizizthewiz Posts: 154
    Got one of those Topeak bags for my missus. She takes it shopping and can get a week's stuff in it. She just unclips it, takes it in and fills it, then clips it back on to ride home. Super convenient.
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