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Upgrading drive train

piansonapiansona Posts: 3
edited July 2010 in The workshop
Hi I'm happily riding a Gary Fisher Kaitai but after 3000 miles I want to consider upgrading.
The bike is equipped with a Shimano M361 triple chainring 48/38/28, a Shimano C101 front derailleur, an 8 speed rear cassette 11-32, a Deore rear derailleur. Can anyone offer advice on better quality replacements for the above. And also a replacement chain. Thanks


  • UnderscoreUnderscore Posts: 730
    My commuter started with a similar spec to yours and has had most bits upgraded over the years. I would not suggest that you upgrade until things need replacing - in most cases the improved performance has been fairly subtle even compared to a worn item.

    FWIW, I changed the cassette to 11-28 as I find the ratios better suited to my riding - currently running an SRAM 820 which is cheap and does the job, though I typically replace it with every chain.

    Crankset was a good upgrade - front shifting was noticeably improved - but pricey especially as the frame needed facing. However, I would recommend the Deore 48/36/26 as a good pick:
    For the chain, I use the KMC X8-93 on my commuter:
    Good value at a tenner delivered.


  • piansonapiansona Posts: 3
    many thanks for kind reply. Very useful
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