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Alps touring bike advice

johnackyjohnacky Posts: 15
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Off the Alps next month and need some advice on my touring bike. I have got a hand built touring/ cyclo cross bike that is approx six years old, with an immaculate Campag Racing Triple groupset, carbon forks etc.

First of all, I am a heavy rider 17 stone, and am wondering if it is time to replace the carbon forks, and if so what shall I go for, as the bike has a 1 inch steerer and canti brakes.

I have got canti brakes on the bike, but braking performance is pretty poor, probaly due to the fact that Campag ergoes dont work well with canti's. What can I do? Would expensive brake pads make a difference, as I use cheap Kool Stop's at the moment. Tried numerous different sets of brakes in the past but nothing has made much of a difference.

My next problem is that I want to replace my 9 speed ergoes, chain and cassette, however 9 speed is now discontinued. Can I upgrade to 10/11 speed ergoes and expect gear changes to work ok, with 9 speed set up.

Lastly after a set of cheap wheels, and am considering a pair of Campag Khamsin wheels. Have always been very impressed with Campags cheap wheels in the past, and am wondering if they will be strong and stiff enough

Many thanks
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