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mtb-gavmtb-gav Posts: 83
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Right, i have just booked to too Afan for the bank holiday weekend in August, i would like some advice on where to ride, what too expect and basicly any info at all would be great.

If someone knows of some maps or trail guides that would be even better :D


Ps is anyone else going on that weekend?


  • JustGoRideJustGoRide Posts: 37
    The trails can be found here:

    I'd recommend W2 and Skyline if you want to cover most of what is currently available. Penhydd is currently closed for forestry works unfortunately.
  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    it really depends on how fit you are, if you're pretty fit then the w2 is awsome, it combines the wall and whites level into one ride at about 35km i think?

    but both the wall and whites are awsome rides themselves to do on seperate days. just be aware that the wall starts at afan trail centre and whites starts at glyncorrwg trail centre only about a 20 min ride apart up the old railway line.

    don't forget you can always stop off at cwmcarn if you're coming down the m4, it's only 10 mins off junction 28 :D
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