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I am in the process of signing up several bikes on BikeRevolution, and it wants frame numbers, fair enough I think, spotting the diagram of where to find a frame number, I flip my bikes over to find the following:

Holy Bajeebus, more stampings than a royal mail office!

Short question is, in the above photos, which one in each is the blasted frame number?

My guesses are so:

Dawes (Top Blue/Grey) F0710790
GT (Red) 5G26251 (Code on the RHS at RAngles to picture)
Kona (Blue) F909K1830 (Also RHS)

Theirs also an old Peugot road bike, but the amount of rust on it is too embarrassing for me to post a picture.

These are totally random guesses, any input from you chaps would be greatly appreciated.