Family rides in east London

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Not too long ago I've bought a trailer for my son (3YO) and now I take every opportunity to take him somewhere in it. We've been to Greenwich Park (and found out that National Cycle Network Route 1 is really crap and takes twice as long as using the road), Hollow Pond (terrible stretch of Green street), Central Park and went down the entire length of the Greenway (loads of broken glass, some serious potholes and bollards placed in such a way that they leave an inch on each side of the trailer). My next destination is to check out the NCN route 1 north of the river (before it was south of the river - Woolwich Ferry to O2), along the parks and visiting all the playgrounds. After that I am out of ideas.

I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for a peaceful and preferably traffic free route for us to ride? I've looked for some family rides on LCC website, but the only one I saw in the area was the one starting at Stratford (Has anyone tried that? What's the attendace like?).

PS. I've seen a couple on bikes with child trailers attached riding around, but never had a chance to speak to them - if you visit this forum from time to time and fancy a ride together I am all in.



  • I have never noticed glass on the Greenway, or potholes although 2 weeks ago there were large sections dug up ready for resurfacing. Some of the gates are only just wide enough for my panniers so a trailer will never fit. :?
    You can cycle along the Thames Path from Woolwich to Tower Bridge. Most of it is off road, but on the north side it does cut back on to quite roads from time to time.
    Don't know exactly where you live, but Upminster Bridge to Rainham (Dover Corner) along the Ingrebourne Valley (Hornchurch Country Park) is a pleasant ride.