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SE_RichSE_Rich Posts: 56
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Time to resurrect a Tilgate thread!

Was there last night, had one of the best rides in a long time!

Gladly eating my words now, as the Forestry lot seem to have cleared up the majority of their mess. Now it's mainly overgrown fern things and nettles getting in the way!

Also, while I'm back on about Tilgate - anyone know of any land access issues? (I'm thinking a small section of woods, Pease Pottage direction - backs onto a field). Only reason is while on a ride about a month ago I bumped into a bloke who pointed out it wasn't actually part of Tilgate forest and we shouldn't be riding there unless we had permission from the landowner. Fair enough I guess, but it's pretty clear that others have been riding there (some very nice singletrack has been manicured by the forest pixies) - would any of you forum-ites know of any problems riding this area?
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