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SoniSoni Posts: 1,217
edited April 2012 in The bottom bracket
I've heard how good M&S Bicycle insurance is on these forums and others.

My Buildings and Contents is up for renewal shortly.

I'm presently with AXA and although my bike only cost £1400, AXA only cover bikes up to £1000.00.

I have therefore obtained a quote from M&S which is comparable with AXA, however it appears to cover a lot more, for example Buildings and Contents cover is unlimited, and they cover bicycles up to £4000.00 without having to list them on the insurance....

However, i've just looked at the quote from M & S and it states that its underwritten and administered by AXA?

How can this be?

Also, anybody with M&S insurance know if it covers your bike if you crash it? Will this be covered on the accidental damage section of the insurance?


  • brinbrin Posts: 1,122
    As long as you take out 'goods away from home' cover, your bike will be covered through accidental damage should you be unfortunate enough to crash it.
  • SoniSoni Posts: 1,217
    Excellent, however how comes M&S cover a bike up to 4K and AXA only up to 1K if M&S are getting their insurance from AXA?
  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
    Sounds weird, but it's true. I phoned them yesterday to confirm.

    Anything worth less than £4000 is covered and doesn't need to be listed.
  • carrockcarrock Posts: 1,103
    M&S have now imposed a limit of £1000 on any bike unless specifically excepted on the policy

    I tried to insure £6000 worth of bikes on a seperate insurance policy- best quote was £444

    Got them insured with NFU for roughly the same price with house and contents insurance thrown in!!!!!

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