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Sarnhelen sportif 80m or 115m

sameJLsameJL Posts: 6
I'm thinking of entering the above sportif, has anyone cycled the 80m route.Does it compare to TOBM last weekend? or the Dragon ride, thanks.


  • GrifterukGrifteruk Posts: 244
    I live in the area (3 mies from the start) so do a lot of these hills as training rides. However I have not done the exact route before. I also did the 83 mile Dragon route and 102 mile Tour of the Black Mountains last weekend. TOBM was my first 100+ mile ride by the way.

    I can tell you that Sarn Helen is probably a bit of a mix of Dragon and Tour of the Black Mountains IMO. I think the Black Mountain towards the end of the Sarn Helen is similar to the first Bwlch in the Dragon and having climbed it regularly, it is a good challenge. However I know that Sarn Helen will have some steeper gradients than the Dragon overall. The hills to Llyn Brianne are proabably going to be the toughest parts.

    On balance, I think that the TOBM is probably a better comparison both for likely number of riders on the road and terrain. Having said that, I am probably going to go for the long route for the Sarn Helen as they are roads I know. Hopefully that will give me an edge.
  • ketsbaiaketsbaia Posts: 1,718
    Looks a great route, that. Will have a bash at it next time I'm down at my mate's gaff in Llangadog.
  • sameJLsameJL Posts: 6
    Cheera lads, another tough one then. More training is the order of the day. :twisted:
  • How did this go for you all - I couldn't do it, tho I know most of the roads/climbs. Is it worth doing next year for scenic value, tough climbs, foodstops, value for money etc?
    All my life I've wanted to be someone; I guess I should have been more specific.
  • sameJLsameJL Posts: 6
    Great event, fairly well organised but the TOBM was definately tougher. Great foodsstop at halfway in a campsite. Plan to do it again this year.
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