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Simple routes for simple adults (& 2 children)

SimonRCSimonRC Posts: 9
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7y.o. daughter is smart and careful, and rides between Mum & Dad. 5y.o. son thinks he's Evel Kneivel, so gets attached with TrailGator near traffic etc. (BTW - TrailGator is excellent.)
We did our first family outing, which was good fun, but the traffic on some narrow lanes was a little bit off-putting: ... te%205.pdf
Does anyone know any suitable cycle path circular routes in Kent/Surrey/Sussex that they can recommend?
Or a station to station route?
I'm tempted by the Medway towpath (with TrailGator firmly attached!). Has anyone got any experience of it?
Any comments or suggestions gratefully received.


  • Capstone Country Park are putting in new cycle routes at the moment, im sure you would have loads of fun riding around there.
  • SimonRCSimonRC Posts: 9

    Thanks, we'll give it a try.
  • planetcplanetc Posts: 9
    Camber to Lydd, my 8yo has done it with me. Also the cuckoo trail, which we have yet to try, is supposed to be a good route.
  • SimonRCSimonRC Posts: 9
    I haven't been to Camber in years - it's time I went back. Great suggestion. Thank you.
  • planetcplanetc Posts: 9
    Try starting in Lydd, then you can ride to Camber, the kids can have an hour or two on the beach with an ice cream to cool off and then ride back.
  • SimonRCSimonRC Posts: 9
    I might start another post - how to put a windbreak/bucket/spade on the handlebars! I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks again.
  • leegcpleegcp Posts: 11
    Penshurst Place to Tonbridge. It's a 14 mile round trip with 1 hill near the start which my 8yr old just about managed to struggle up without walking. Approx. 1 mile on quiet lanes, rest on cycle path. Plenty of free parking at Penshurst place and National Trust house/gardens if you fancy that after.

    Ends in a big park in Tonbridge so can have a break in the kid's play area.
  • surreyxcsurreyxc Posts: 293
    A classic safe route is the South Downs Link, old rail line now a cycle route, runs from Guildford to Shoreham, some 37 miles, there are a few quiet road bits. One fast road to cross over, and Shorham town bit. But other than that very safe, enjoyable once but a little dull thereafter as basically one long straight line with gentle inclines, a few pubs on route.

    Also Godalming to Woking and beyond along the canal path.
  • Bedgebury is good.
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