Looking for some new trails.

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My name is Steve and have just registered to the site :D
I am looking for some trails to ride around the east coast area. I am fairly new to riding but am always up for a challenge. I have done the red and black route at Thetford a few times now but would like something a bit more exciting. anything with lumps bumps and jumps would be awesome.

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  • Hi Steve :)

    welcome to BR!
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    Stevo88 wrote:
    I am looking for some trails

    Join the Club;P
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    You're obviously not gonna get too much in the way of lumps and bumps in this area.

    The flowing single track at Thetford is quite enjoyable, so long as you except it for what it is.

    Have you tried Rendlesham?

    The 2 cycle trails are graded "Green" so not much of a challenge, but there is a small bike park there with some Table Tops, Jumps and North Shore.

    Might keep you busy for a little while...

    http://www.forestry.gov.uk/website/recr ... restCentre

    2 other places that spring to mind are Santon Downham (nr Thetford) and Tunstall (nr Rendlesham). These aren't designated cycle trails though (as Thetford), more of a "Make it up as you go along" ride through the woods.
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    pte1643 wrote:
    more of a "Make it up as you go along" ride through the woods.
    Having visited my first trail centre after a several year break from riding my bike I still find it kinda amazing there's any other kind of riding than making it up as you go along in the woods. :D
  • Hi there, just joined the site today (a lady) but had plenty of exposure to most of the awesome trails centres in England, Scotland and Wales. I bought a trails guide called 'mountin biking trail centres' by Tom Fenton. I suggest you explore all of the UK once you have that book just like I did. Thats if you don't mind traveling...a bit!!
  • for more make it up as you go along stuff, mousehold woods in north east norwich are pretty good :) (but not really worth a big journey for, just if u happen to be in norwich and with a bike and time to kill)