Shimano IG-3 speed gears - Obscure? parts?

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Hi.. New to the forum & new to getting into 'proper' bikes..

I'm looking at buying a used bike which uses Shimao IG-3 gears.. The system sounds ideal as I don't want hundreds of options...

However, I'm wondering whether it's an obscure system which may give me trouble in the long run (parts availability, servicing etc..) I am planning to ship the bike to France for leisure & some off road but will be in the UK often enough to be able to bring parts over when needed..

Can of worms or relatively straightforward?

Many thanks.


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    Durability on those hubs are great, so chances are you won't be doing much service at all.

    That said, here in Denmark (where 80% of bikes are IGH), 3 speed gearhubs and various parts like shifters and some spares, are readily available. So they are still being made. Where to get them in the UK I don't know, but you should be able to get what you need in either UK or France.
  • Hi I hope somebody can be of help, I bought a Specialize Globe and the rear hub is fitted with the Shimano IG 3 speed Centre lock. Unfortunately the previous owner lost the centre pin / rod which fits into the axle.
    (As you do this you will see there is a small rod inside the axle of the wheel revealed) as describe in this article
    I am in South Africa Cape Town and the San Francisco Specialized Globe 2 bikes not freely available over here, spears none existing. Is it possible to order or buy the rod or do I have to buy a new hub? If somebody can help me I will appreciate it greatly.
    My mail address is
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    it is a part that aniy shimano dealer can get for you.

    most bike shops that deal with bike with hub gears will have them in stock as they often need replacing.
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