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Two breakdowns in one day

MootanclanMootanclan Posts: 63
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Sorry but this a moan i bought the decathlon sport 1 bike about 3 weeks ago so that i can keep fit whilst not mountain biking etc and also to do sponsored bike rides so today being the third time the bike has been out i was about 4 miles going away from home when the chain snapped the powerlink just fell apart as i could not fix it i got my wonderful wife to come and pick me up so i went home got changed and took the bike straight down to decathlon where they said they had fixed it and said they have never seen anything like this before so i was not going to be defeated i went home got changed again and went towards buxton at about 11 miles in i heard a clunk and i could not belive my eyes one of the jockey wheels went for a walk across the a6 bypass so by now i was fuming so again i rung up my emergency service (wife) who thought i was taking the piss picked me up i went home got changed and went to decathlon for the second time in a matter of hours where they said the bolt had come out i was boiling over and i have asked for a new bike which i should see at the end of the week i am so glad that this did not happen during a sponsored ride i wish this did not happen at all. rant over :evil:
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  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 8,898
    That's some tough luck you've had there, but it's good to see Decathlon are looking after you.

    When you pick up the new bike, ask them if they have any punctuation marks in stock...

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  • grahamcpgrahamcp Posts: 323
    I got about a third of the way through that before the lack of punctuation stopped me reading.
  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    just replace the chain and put a spanner on the jockey wheel - I can't understand why any of that warrants a replacement bike..?
  • Pazuzu99Pazuzu99 Posts: 45
    I can see why he'd want a new one as it sounds like a 'Friday afternoon special' and you'd be wondering what else was going to break.


  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    Hi Mootanclan,

    Sorry to hear about your issues with one of our bikes.The issues you have experienced are very rare indeed.
    Having been riding for over 25 years I have never seen a jockey wheel bolt come loose while riding.It really is bad luck.This really comes down to build quality from Shimano which is normally second to none in my experience, but like most things in life the odd one does escape.
    As for your snapped power link, well unfortunately these can snap and at any moment and most cyclists will carry a spare (I hope you also will from now on).Its a cheap part to buy but can literally be a life saver.Lots of stress goes through a drive chain.
    We at Decathlon do pride ourselves on our customer service and want 100% of our customers to be happy 100% of the time
    I hope you have more luck with your new bike but if you have any issues feel free to contact me at the Decathlon workshop in Stockport where I will be more than happy to assist you.Just ask for the Workshop manager (any day normally other than Sundays as its my riding day).
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