im new and rom walsall in the west midlands

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just got back in the saddle after a few years out and looking for mountain buke areas near me so would love to hear from you


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    Hi and welcome to Bikeradar!
  • I'm from just down the road in Hednesford, welcome to the forum.
    Cannock Chase is without doubt the best local place for you. Loads of trails (signposted and natural) for you up there.
    Anything from simple fire roads to cleverly designed trails using the best of the natural landscape. Enjoy!!!
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    Have you ever been to birchs valley over the chase mint
  • Yes Jay, over there 3 times a week at least. Not always following the Dog/monkey trail but always a good laugh.
    4 wheels bad
    2 wheels good
    1 wheel for fun
  • dbgd
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    Yep, i'm from Wolverhampton, Chase is a great crack! Walsall way i'm not sure what's around, but the Chase ain't too far!
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    There's plenty around. Obvisouly the Chase as most people say is the big starting point. However, Long Mynd isn't too far away and then if you go that little further Llandegla and Coed y Brenin (and the rest) are not to much of a drive.
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    Im from Wolves and have just started doing mountain biking too, my other half does it quite regular so he just bought me a new bike so i can tag along and enjoy a day out biking with him. Whenever he comes to visit he goes to Cannock Chase which he enjoys so like everyone else says maybe this should be your starting point. I will certainly be doing a few of the trails until im fit enough and brave enough to go back to Afan, Wales to try some of their trails again....hopefully The Wall will be up and running again :D
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    Welcome, I grew up in in/near to Walsall (Brownhills) and would recommend Cannock.