Bike Rack, is this fitted ok? (UPDATED)

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Not sure if this is ideal, but it wont obscure the reg plate or lights



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    well lets say my bike would not be going on that.
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    I would say that the better option would be to drop it down so that the foam pads that are siiting above the regplate are actually sitting on the top of the bumber. The way you have it fitted now you will be suprised how easily that will move once you have a bike on and you start moving. You should still be able to keep your plate/ lights clear .
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    Definitely not!
    The bar with the pads on that's sat above your reg-plate is designed to sit on your rear bumper.There are High-level rear carriers,yours isn't one of them.obstructing the lights/reg-plate with your carrier is inevitable and should be used with a light-board.
    I stopped using a similar model as I got pulled nearly every time I went out.
  • I was going off this

  • Thanks for the input im off to have a play, see if i can get it too fit.
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    Your carrier looks to be the same as mine and the bottom pads do indeed sit on the bumper, and if you adjust the angle of the frame at the bottom pivots to stand a little taller you shouldn't have any problems with obstructing the lights
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  • Is this better?


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    Adjust the bottom ratchets so that their about 20 degrees from straight and then adjust the next one so that the frame sits almost parallel with the back window.
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    Also the middle straps should go on around the window half way up, to stop swaying from side to side. Bottom straps should be hooked underneath on your chassis or similar.
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  • Will have a go at that tomorrow.

    Does look like it could be used as it is?
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    If you use it like that you'll find that the top straps will be taking all the weight and will slacken off.
    Never argue with an idiot, he'll only drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
  • So the bike frame should be resting on the rack?

    The slight problem with the 206 is there is only a slight lip on the bumper so the straps will still be doing most of the work :(.

    Might just put it in the car (wheels off) lol
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    Don't mean to state the obvious, but the manual and/or shop/manufacturers website should make it pretty clear how to fit it, and which cars it will fit on safely.

    Personally, I think if you set it up as it should be, it still won't fit safely because of the "spoiler".
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  • The rack is on loan from a family member, no manual.

    Bit out of order, I came on here for some advice rather than just throw it on, drive off and hope for the best.

    Thanks to the people that have given me some good advice. I will be taking a van tomorrow, going to but a rack with instructions.

    Ps Im a newbie on here and Im thick skinned, BUT you should always think twice about what you post on a forum as it can turn people off ever comming back.
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    I don't think anyone has been out of order. Just gentle banter really. Nothing shocking IMO.
    I have given up on racks personally and bought a £8K TDI Touran. That's not gonna help you much in the short term though!!
  • Dont get me wong I didnt consider an "attack" just maybe a bit tackless. Always hard to tell when its just in text on a screen. Im not going to fall out over it lol.

    Anyway, problem solved now so we can all move on :)

    Bring on the bike!!!!!
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    Alright lad, i think the way you were going about it is for a different style of rack...

    I've had a wee hunt on the webs and i think you should be looking to have the rack sitting more like this:


    One set of pads on the bumper, the other set up rear windscreen...
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    The 2 bottom straps, well i attach them to the spare wheel carrier underneath the bumper(206 ALSO), that way you have the upper straps pulling up (just each side of the high brake light), the bottom straps pulling down and the side ones holding it steady from just above the lights but under the window.
    The bumper lip will be fine imho, thats how i fit mine.
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    That IS a high mount rack and should clear the number plate and lights easily.

    Bottom rollers on the bumber, top ones against the window and middle straps straight to the side. Like this one:

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    And one final rather minor point. Do make sure you thread the buckles the right way. :)
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    I miss my 306 D Turbo.