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RPCC - 24 July

Anyone up for a quick ride Saturday morning? Might be interested in doing a short one or a flat ride out towards Windsor. Got 100 miles planned for Sunday so wouldn't want to do anything epic


  • tyskietyskie Posts: 252
    I need to do a long one on Saturday and so could join you heading out to Windsor and then I'll be off to Henley and up into the Chilterns on my own. If anyone fancies joining me, you're more than welcome.
  • Berns12Berns12 Posts: 198
    Trust you survived the mountains then Will?

    As much as a I want to venture new routes, I probably will get lost riding with on the way back if you decide to split off. No doubt Tyskie will be heading back home after the hills meaning I will have to negotiate unfamiliar territory back to RP and then back to North London.

    I am going to sit out and stick to Surrey, good luck with the riding tomorrow lads, hopefully better weather than today
  • Esoteric80Esoteric80 Posts: 84
    I'll be interested in a ride tomorrow - either Surrey or Windsor. When/where are people meeting?
  • thebongolianthebongolian Posts: 333
    Steve - shall we say 8 at the normal place?

    Bern - mountains were excellent as was watching the tour (another one of my videos: If we're heading out Windsor way will still do 60+ miles whcih I hope would be enough for you with getting to / from Islington as well?
  • tyskietyskie Posts: 252
    See you there at 8am and we can figure out then what the plan is.
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