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Dunwich Dynamo - What to wear?

robbiedontrobbiedont Posts: 89
How cold is it likely to get through the night?

Will I be ok with just some arm and knee warmers?

Will fingerless gloves be enough?

I'm not a wimp by any means but I'd rather not freeze for the 120 miles!


  • sooterkinsooterkin Posts: 2
    Check the weather forecast!

    Seriously though, take some warm stuff with you and a wind/waterproof. You do chill down in the night (especially when you lose the tail light ahead and have to hang about checking the route). The beach is also a bit nippy at 4/5/6 in the morning...
  • robbiedontrobbiedont Posts: 89
    I checked the hourly forecast for last night at Dunwich and it didn't drop below 14/15 degrees - that seems on the warm side!
  • TheStoneTheStone Posts: 2,291
    Bring a jacket. The time I did it before ('06), it got really cold and uncomfortable in the middle of the night.

    That said, the weather does look perfect for this year.
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