Front wheel hub

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My front wheel hub is slightly to big for my forks, can I get round this in any way?

Also what is this, can I get a thinner one or can I take it off?



  • nicklouse
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    just pull your forks apart a bit till it will go in.

    the distance between the outer faces should be 100mm (the bits that touch the fork leg inner faces).
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  • kc-wilde
    kc-wilde Posts: 10
    Its around 5mm out on the forks which seems alot to bend out, the hub itself fits its the two 'nuts' on sides of the hubs which prevent it from fitting... Particularly the one which is shown by the green arrow (both of those are 5mm each), which is why I was wondering if I can get a slimmer one to go on it maybe
  • John.T
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    The bit you arrowed is the cone that the bearings run on. The bit next to it is the locknut used to securely adjust the bearings. Both are esential.
    As Nicklouse says the hub should be 100mm across these locknuts. The fork should be the same but some do need a little springing.