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To hack or not...would you?

Mike67Mike67 Posts: 585
edited July 2010 in Workshop
Just acquired a nice shiny FSA K Force Light Carbon seatpost.

Thing is it's 350mm long and I only need 250mm tops.

Question is would you cut it down or not if it was yours (not that I'm offering it out :D )

It's just sooooo shiny and perfect as it is I'm inclined to leave it be.

Just wondering what the general consensus is.
Mike B

Cannondale CAAD9
Kinesis Pro 5 cross bike
Lots of bits


  • anto164anto164 Posts: 3,500
    Of course!

    Just cut it down!

    It'll be lighter once cut down :P
  • thel33terthel33ter Posts: 2,684
    Chop it, unless you are planning on getting leg extensions.
    And now you know, and knowing is half the battle
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    05 Trek 1000 Custom build
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  • chriskemptonchriskempton Posts: 1,245
    Chop that mofo. It is YOURS and no one else's.
  • gethmetalgethmetal Posts: 208
    Do it. I'm chopping an alloy post down with a pipe cutter almost as I type.

    And I've already finished a long-reach brake nut that was just too damn long-reach.
    A Titanium one, it took an hour and three new wheels for the pipe cutter :shock:
  • Mike67Mike67 Posts: 585
    So far that's


    Just waiting for the shouts of 'TIMBERRRR' :D

    Poor seatpost :cry:
    Mike B

    Cannondale CAAD9
    Kinesis Pro 5 cross bike
    Lots of bits
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