5 10 trainers

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are these the ones you get from tkmax


  • Tartanyak
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    That depends. If they say they're 5/10s then they may well be. TK Maxx get stock from everywhere and anyone. They don't keep the same brands in all the time.

    Got any pictures or details? Or, in fact, any kind of hint so people can help you?
  • milt
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    no idea just heard the foru on about them thought i would invest but as usual i dont have much idea
  • thel33ter
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    Unlikely, people do say get a cheap pair of Vans from Tkmaxx though, so you could be thinking of those.
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  • cavegiant
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    The brand is 5.10, a rock climbing grade, they are a rock climbing company.

    5.10 is also the max of my grade, not that anyone cares.
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  • hawnet
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    Have you had a decent answer?

    i have a pair of 5 - 10s
  • torgey33
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    i`ve got some 5.10 impact 2 `s and they are fantastic. don`t know about the tkmax link though,
    generally cost around £70
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