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Buildng up from 2nd hand parts?

The Northern MonkeyThe Northern Monkey Posts: 19,174
edited July 2010 in MTB general
Just wondering what views are on building a whole bike pretty much on 2nd hand parts?

Should hopefully be getting a frame on the 31st and i'm trying to keep it as cheap as possible... max budget of around £500.

Frame is gonna cost me £200 which is a fair chunk, But I have wheels + tyres, cranks, grips and bars ready to donate thanks to the Saracen.

So I need forks, brakes, a rear mech, a rear shifter, cassette, a headset and stem for a max of £300.

Can it be done?!

Forks and brakes are the biggies... I'd rather spend a bit more on forks and get some fairly bog standard brakes tbh.

Oh and I may need to factor in the cost of a new rear spring! :wink:


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