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MTB shorts for larger ladies

suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
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I'm looking for a pair of baggy shorts. But because I'm fat (size 18-20) I can't find any, all the main manufacturers seem to stop at a 16.

Is there such a thing as size 18-20 baggy shorts. Or am I going to have to go with mens.


  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
    Get in touch with Minx Girl (google it and the website will come up!) - they are apparently very good at recommending what ladies kit comes in the right size for you :D
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  • gb2gwgb2gw Posts: 81
    Hi Suzy

    I second the recommendation for Minx Girl.

    Debbie who runs it, will be able to recommend just the sort of thing you're looking for and I know they cater for larger sizes. Some of the stuff is a bit more expensive than you might find in your local Evans store, but the kit is such good quality and flattering that sometimes it's worthwhile 'investing'!
  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    Sadly the minx girl stuff is way out of my budget, even if the investment would be good for a decade :(
  • What is your budget? Chainreactioncycles have some Loeka shorts for £35 at the moment. They have extra large, which is described as a 16, but they are roomy (I have some) and the back of the waist is elasticated.

    Don't know if they are within your budget, but they might be worth a try? I have both mens and womens shorts, so don't worry about buying mens - if it saves you money, go for it :D
  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    I'm more the 20 than the 18 so even with an elasticated waist a 16 would probably be too small.

    I have some Amazon vouchers collected from doing surveys so may just see what I can get from there
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    Corinne Dennis ( ) does some womens stuff in size 20, don't know if they may have something.

    Altura make some in size 18,like these, or these.
  • mobilekatmobilekat Posts: 245
    Having a similar sized bottom (lots of muscles!) I have also had the same issue.
    I have been frightening the motorists of Devon in Altura Minstrel shorts-(size 16 are VERY stretchy) found them on an auction site for £12.50. They are comfortable for cycling- even if they are a slight fashion faux pas. I had bought a pair full price form local shop so knew they had the needed stretch!

    I then have some uber-cheap walking shorts form Mountain Warehouse that I wear over the top for driving/ at the trail centre. (you know, places where you dont want to scare people :oops: )

    I do get the feeling most baggies are either small, or the big sizes sell very quickly!
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  • This may be a silly question but do they need to be cycling specific? The shorts I wear for mtbing are 3/4 length North Face baggies designed for walking but they do the job perfectly and look good. Maybe you need to think outside the box a bit to find the style that suits you? :)
  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    I'm wearing a pair of Tesco baggies just now. But I'm not sure how much longer they will last with all the getting mud soaked/washing.

    So I wanted to get something that was a bit more hard wearing. Never would have thought of trying walking shorts though.
  • mobilekatmobilekat Posts: 245
    Just watch out for seams..... Plus have worn a few pairs of shorts out recently, which is why I have moved over to padded cycling shorts (and they are more comfortable!)

    Only thing to watch out for as well is if they are low at the back (cyclers bum is worse than builders bum I think!!! :oops: )
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  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    What is your budget? What about the Altura ones I suggested above? They will have a removable padded insert and they won't be low at the back.
  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    I didn't really have a specific budget as such but anything upwards of £40 was a definite no-no.

    I may give the Altura Ascents a go as Wiggle say they don't charge for returns so if they don't fit nothing (or nothing but postage) is lost.
  • I agree it's a nightmare trying to get cycle shorts if you're large - manufacturers seem reluctant to provide us for gear for when we are trying to get active and trim!
    If you can bear to wear tight fitting cycle shorts then your budget would hopefully stretch (sorry!) to Item number: 280537785540 on Ebay. LADIES QUALITY CYCLE CYCLING SHORTS ANTI-BAC PADDING they do them in size 20-22. I am the same size as you and gave up on my search for baggies and now wear Altura cycle shorts - sometimes with a skirt on top if I'm out and about town but fortunately are deep enough to not giver me cyclists bum.
    Or wear what you darn well please!
  • mobilekatmobilekat Posts: 245
    These are the ones I got from E-bay- Altura Minstrels, sized as XL (16- but VERY stretchy), item number 250657558978 12.99 per pair,the RRP is £34.99
    I ordered them on a Tuesday and they arrived on a Friday!, and I am tempted to order a couple more pairs at that price!

    I find them very comfortable, and the vendor was great to deal with!

    If you find good cheap Baggies please let us know!!
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  • suzybsuzyb Posts: 3,449
    farsidehumour, I have a pair of those shorts that I wear under my baggies. Got them last year for wearing under a pair of cotton short that I wear when on my road bike. Good bargain actually since they are still going strong.

    However I still need something to put over the top of them. The world just isn't ready for my bottom in lycra :oops:
  • desmojendesmojen Posts: 136
    Same here, but I just wear cheapo Tesco baggies over the top of some lycra. The Lycra stops any chafing, and the baggies reduce my embarrassment. At £9 a pair, I'm not too fussed if they don't last very long. I am also loathe to spend £40+ on proper shorts that I hope won't fit me in six months! :)

    My lycra shorts and leggings are from an e bay seller called SoSports. They are sold as Sub Armour compression base layer and are completely brilliant. They are also cheap at £15 ish per pair. They have no padding in them, but I don't really suffer without that unless I'm on a longer ride.

  • lovewaleslovewales Posts: 411
    Ladies - just be thankful your not trying to find size 24's :oops: I can however say that Decathlon has large lycra cheaply and although the quality isn't fntastic they are OK for the price.

    I am desperate to get into baggies and when I have lost some more weight that is what I am going to buy myself. I doubt however I wll ever get a properly fitted pair as my waist and hips are well out of proportion.
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  • mobilekatmobilekat Posts: 245
    Not so long ago I was........

    Frustratingly since getting back into cycling my weight has plateaued, I am blaming muscle formation, as I am climbing hills better!

    There is a gap in the market for sensibly priced exercise clothes for 'well built ladies', It can be very frustrating, and puts you off exercise if the clothing is expensive and badly fitting, but I guess its a niche market and manufacturers do think its worth developing hard wearing good items for the more robust customers- I end up buying mens clothes as they tend to fit me better than some of the womens stuff (and is tougher material!!)
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