Broken sculphoid(sp)

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Looking for some advice regarding trainning with a cast on. Broke my wrist (sculphoid bone) two weeks ago on the mtb bike. I am in plaster for the next 6weeks or so.

I know riding my bike is out, but what about running? Is that a good idea? I dont want to be sitting around doing nothing and growing fat!

Thanks in advance
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  • Chrissz
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    Running's fine mate! You can also use the static bikes in your local gym if you don't have a turbo trainer setup.

    Some of the stair climbing machines are pretty good too - I'v just recovered from 8 weeks off the bike due to a broken wrist (radius) yet only dropped 1mph on my 20mile ride into work! :) (heart rate is significantly higher mind you!).
  • anton1r
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    Do you mean Scaphoid, Haggis?
    My missus broke her scaphoid and tore a ligament or two snowboarding a couple of years back... was pretty nasty.

    Hope it heals up fast for you bud. enjoy your turbo training! :) I'm sure you'll be back on a proper bike in no time! 8)
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  • xraymtb
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    If it is the scaphoid then be very careful with it. I did mine a few years ago and ended up in a cast for almost 16 weeks waiting for it to heal - they have a poor blood supply and can easily not heal correctly giving a lifetime of problems.

    A stationary bike or turbo should be fine but if it was me I would avoid anything high impact until it heals.
  • anton1r wrote:
    Do you mean Scaphoid, Haggis?

    Thats the one. Almost got it correct.

    Going on advice i think running is not a good idea. Think it will be stationary bikes down at the local gym :cry:
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  • .blitz
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    I've broken both scaphoids (one is pinned). Time is the key I was in plaster for 3 months. Don't rush it or you will go back to much, much worse than having them broken. As above the scaphoid is a tiny little bone and dies easily when it has been broken.

    I did loads of walking, jogging and 'no hands' turbo training. It was probably more than a year after the plaster came off before I could bend my wrists backwards. The pinned one is easily aggravated even now.

    Good luck take it easy.
  • mobilekat
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    Before trying any exercise with a fracture I strongly suggest speaking to your consultant- he/she can give you advice tailored to your own fracture.

    As xraymtb said they can be littler beggers to get to heal and you dont want to upset them!
    Plus if you are in plaster you do want to avoid getting too sweaty else you may notice a dodgy aroma from the region of your plaster..... EW!
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  • ooo I broke me a while back... had a cast for 1 week before I went to Glentress where it inevitably got cut off with a knife.

    My wrist cracks like buggery now :lol: