boredom eating!

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what does everyone eat during the day at work?

I work at a computer most hours of the day with a inexpensive snack cupboard not far away! Would like not to use this inexpensive snack cupboard & subsitute this for a healthy way to fulfill my appetite.

Have tried lots of fruit but am still very hungry all the time. Am still searching for solutions...


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    My God I am hungry 24/7 :?

    Like you I have a snack machine full of cr*p at the end of the corridor and it would be easy to feed it money all day.

    Instead I take a carrier bag of food to work: bananas, grapes, dried apricots, celery, apples. Sometimes I take a container of cooked pasta & sauce or some quinoa & rice mixed with chicken and vegetables. I find chewing gum is also pretty good and I have bowl of muesli either mid-morning or mid-afternoon. Try fig rolls instead of biscuits and pitta bread or wraps instead bread.

    Basically graze all day to avoid the hunger pangs

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    Try adding protein in.
    I have been on a healthy eating kick for a while now, and whilst I love fruit and veg it doesnt fill me up.
    But lean cheap ham, cold boiled eggs and cold boiled potatoes are good gap fillers (and 'free foods' on the diet plan I am on)- and when combined with fruit and veg fill me a treat ( I am a bottomless pit!)
    I sadly cant eat anything whole grain or muesli due to IBS, so the normal 'fillers' are not an option.

    Watch out for dried fruit or nuts as they are quite high in calories- and can be worse than 'junk'.

    If I have an uber sweet tooth on I have a small bowl of Crunchie nut cornflakes- eaten dry they take a long time to munch through but are ruddy nice!- and fulfil the absent minded hand to bowl to mouth action very well! :D
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  • hmmm.. i do boredom buying :lol:
  • I graze on grapes, or anything else that lasts a while. My vice at work is the coffee machine with its sweet, thick mochas and chocolattes...mmmmm.
  • chocolate hobs nobs, fruit, crisps, anything i can get my hands on really!!

    Mind you I do ride most nights whether 15 miles or so off-road or a 30miler on road so I need the energy, well thats my argument. :lol:
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    PUMPKIN SEEDS! Protein and natural fat. Too much fruit is counter productive as mentioned before due to the natural carb/ sugar content which ain't going to work off in the office!
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    I'd avoid having nuts and seeds handy as they are high in good fats but also calories and it's just too easy to eat way too many of them!
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    You suffer my pain too, I also have a desk job and years ago I used to cycle everywhere now I am lucky if I get out once a week, but I still eat like I cycle everywhere.

    However, I have found to stop the endless eating I drink loads of water, that fills me up and apart from peeing allot I am not eating anywhere near as much and subsequently feel much better for being hydrated and not full of Mars bars etc. etc.

    Interestingly most people are dehydrated and don't realise they are, drinking water can reduce aches and pains, headaches, lethargy, etc. etc.

    It's worth a try
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  • I agree with JL. Water is great for making you feel full. I'm on the railways so moving around all day. I rely on what I take with me and avoid buying stuff at railway stations which a lot of colleagues do. I carry a litre of water with me and with top-ups probably drink two litres in a shift.

    The meal that most fills me up is a cheddar cheese sandwich in wholemeal granary bread with cholesterol lowering spread. Easy on the cheese but stuffed with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes. I only eat half of it for one meal. Another one is goats cheese and avocado. Or hommos with salad, although that can be messy! A banana also stops the hunger pangs for a good while.

    BTW - crisps are easy to avoid if you remember that one packet of crisps a day for a year is the equivalent of drinking 5 litres of cooking oil :shock: (learnt that gem on Fat Families!)

    Another psychological incentive not to spend money on snacks is this little math. Instead of spending £5 a day on snacks, you put it into a tax-friendly pension fund. Without taking inflation into account it could look like this. £6 pre-tax per day, 5 days a week for 45 years is £70,250 which, invested carefully, could be £100,000 in your pension pot.

    Still hungry?
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    Blimey :shock: £5 a day is a LOT of junk food!