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Hiya, My employers have registered with the cycle to work scheme and I want to buy a complete bike for around £800.
So far, I've been looking at the Scott Scale 70, Orange G3, Bianchi Jab 7100 SLX/Deore Disc 2010 and Saracen Zen1. They are all within my price bracket and I'm just seeking some advice on which bike will suit my needs best.
I'll be riding to work along a canal bank which is fairly solid ground for the most part and also want to do some trail riding on my days off.
One of my mates said that the Rockshox Dart2 forks that are on a couple of the bikes are not the best, which is putting me off those bikes a bit.
Im 6'2 and weigh around 14 and a half stone.
I'd appreciate any guidance.


  • i dont know anything specific about the bikes, but yes, rock shox darts are well worth missing, they arent up to much. hope that helps :)
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    Agreed, the Darts are best avoided...

    Spesh rockhopper disc often wins the upto £600 group tests......

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    Personally I think I'd go for the Orange G3, and upgrade the forks in a year or so.

    My advice is to go down to a shop and trial them - see what feels nice to ride!

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    Orange offer the option of an upgrade on the forks for 60GBP. Think this gets you the Tora. Worth considering.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll go and try a couple out. Cheers