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Garmin Edge 705 help

drunken christdrunken christ Posts: 4
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Hoping an experienced edge 705 user can help? I've tried searching the forums but no matter what I search it seems to come back with 100's of replies and I can't seem to find an answer to my problems!

I am doing the Dunwich Dynamo this weekend so bought a Garmin edge to help with the route. I used it last weekend on a cycle to Southend from London but didn't use the mapping, just used it to monitor the route I took / average speed, etc.

I now want to set up a route that will guide me to Dunwich. I have looked at various online guides and you tube videos and have tried to complete a simple route to work on bike route toaster to test it out. After I upload the route the Garmin says it has no saved rides. If I save the route onto my PC and transfer it onto the Garmin it also does not recognise it. There is no folder called 'courses' on my garmin and if I create a folder and place the tcx in there is still does not recognise it.

Am i doing something wrong or is te garmin playing up?


  • Ben6899Ben6899 Posts: 9,686
    There are two file types (*.tcx and another - sorry I forget the three letters) for courses available on websites such as toaster, mapmyride etc. Try the other one i.e. not *.tcx and see if that helps. I had a bit of bother once and from memory, that sorted it.

    Good luck with the Dynamo! :)

    EDIT: I just noticed I had some routes saved. *.crs is the other file type. I think I've used .tcx successfully from Garmin to laptop and *.crs vice versa.

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  • Create a GPX. Copy it onto the Garmin in the folder (whatever drive):\GARMIN\gpx

    Then when you want to go there, on the 705, go Where To, Saved Rides, and pick the name.

    Now, the name is set by the thing saving it or you could edit a new one into the GPX file - which is just basically XML so you can edit it with Notepad if you know what you're doing.

    The Garmin Map Source will transfer crs and tcx files on there but I think to use them, you need to select "Training" and "Courses". Yes, it is more complicated than it needs to be.
  • rickwiggansrickwiggans Posts: 416
    The above posts are basically correct. You need to decide what kind of file you want to transfer. Originally, Garmin intended that you would load gpx files onto your device, and these will appear as saved routes. You can then follow this. During the course of a ride, your unit will also record where you have been, and Garmin's intention was that you can then download this to various training record applications, as a tcx file, or at some time in the future, follow it on the road. However, it was found that tcx files can actually be more useful for route planning, and some of the route planning applications now have this ability. As stated by the previous poster, these appear as "courses" under the training menu. In particular, there are fewer limitations in a tcx file than in a gpx file - for example the number of way points. With a very long gpx file, you may find that you can't get it to fully load into your device - you may get a "route truncated" message, whereas you won't with a tcx file. It does seem a bit complicated, but if you bear in mind that the two file types, whilst they can now be used for the same purpose, originally were intended for slightly different purposes.

  • jj-gibbonjj-gibbon Posts: 2

    Annoyingly I found your post on searching for the same thing :-)

    Register your 705 on "My Garmin" then use that login to log into garmin connect - google will find both for you.

    Within Garmin connect you can search for Dunwich Dynamo and find several subtly different routes, I think if you take one of the 112 mile or 114 mile routes you wont go far wrong.

    Once you have got the browser plugin installed you can take routes directly from garmin connect at the click of a button, you then obviously need to select that route on the 705.

    Edit: maybe this is what you are struggling with.

    Press MENU
    Select TRAINING
    Select COURSES

    you should be able to see the uploaded route here, select it. and then DO COURSE
    end Edit:

    I tried to use BikeRouteToaster to redo the route but failed in Hackney very close to the start so have not bothered.

    There will likely be a row of 750 lights infront and behind... so following the flashing red lights seems like the most likely solution.

    Fingers crossed for no rain and a tail wind.

    Now which bike am I going to ride, and has anyone got a saddle I can borrow because I know mine is going to hurt...


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  • Thank you for all your help. I managed to locate the tcx file through the Garmin this morning and used it on my way in to work to test it. It was ok but some of the turnings flashed up quite late, literally as I was speeding thorugh the junction, so I'll try and set up advance coursepoints before the turnings. Will this affect the 100 point limit? Should I perhaps split it into two separate 60 mile courses?

    Basically as it is during the night all I want is the garmin to illuminate and beep when I need to make a turning and also record the route along with average speed, etc. Am I right to create a tcx. course and do it this way or is there a better way?

    Jon - see you at the beach!
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