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wheel upgrade!!

swede123swede123 Posts: 10
edited July 2010 in Workshop
Hi all.

Looking for suggestions for wheel upgrades. im currently riding a specialized allez sport double nd feel its about timme to change the wheels. my budget is around £300 - £400.

easton ea70 and shimano rs80 caught my eye. does any1 have any opinions of these? or anyother that they feel is good for the price?



  • LazyLadyJLazyLadyJ Posts: 13
    swede123, I have just bought some nice new shiny wheels from Steve, he was so nice and helpful! Very patient too as I took ages over the final decision and had loads of questions! He builds them by hand.
    People on this site recommended him, here is his website
  • sfichelesfichele Posts: 605
    I just upgraded to a pair of shimano ultegra 6700. The back has badly buckled after only two weeks. I wont be buying shimano again...

    My friends mavic kysriums seem to be bomb proof though
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