Spare wheel bike rack....

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Has anyone got one for a 4x4. I have a land rover defender and am looking for a bike rack for 2 bikes to hang off the spare wheel on the back... I also would like it to fold flat against the spare wheel when not in use... I dont want to keep taking it on and off every 5 seconds... Was looking at the Mont Blanc Ranger...

All suggestions welcome...


  • mattsccm
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    Unless you have an extra wheel rack, you know the swing away ones, don't try it. The door mounting for the wheel is barely up to the main job , having been designed for tiny tyres, say a 6.00 x 16 not whopping great modern ones. Add 30 kilos or so and the door starts collapsing eventually. They are only a tin frame work.
    Having said all that I just use one designed for hatchbacks and adjust it to fit. Goes on my 110 and the Suzi Jimny . i make sure that the top suspension straps hook to the roof though not the door.