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Cateye Dual Wireless Computer problem

BornAgainRoadieBornAgainRoadie Posts: 84
edited July 2010 in The workshop
I have the above computer on my bike. It has worked well for 3 months. Recently I have noticed the display, both speed and cadence, reading 0 for short periods of time. It always recovers and continues to display correctly. I have changed the battery in the sensor with no obvious effect. My assumption is that the problem is not in the display unit as the display remains lit.

I have not noticed if the wireless signal symbol is flashing during the period of 0 display. Must remember to look, but as it usually happens at speeds above 20mph and the symbol is very small seeing it safely might be a problem!

Anyone have any suggestions as to what this might be? I'd like to understand the problem before I punt it back to Wiggle for replacement.

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