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Cervelo S1 Rear Light

asprillaasprilla Posts: 8,440
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Can anyone recommend a rear light for a Cervelo S1?

The aero seat post means that my Cateye LD TL610 wouldn't fit round it. I attached it to one of the seat stays but managed to catch it with my ankle and send it flying smashing the mount and the light.

I've got a Fizik saddle, but I've already got a bag mounted in the clip, so the Fizik ICS is no good to me.

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  • davisdavis Posts: 2,566
    Exposure Red Eye with a single cell piggyback battery. They both come with velcro wraps that will go round most stuff above a certain diameter.

    Yes, it's expensive, but it can be used for (imprecise) retinal surgery from 300 yards, and they're incredibly well made. And, not to put to fine a point on it, the S1 isn't cheap, why scrimp on the light?

    Edit: Bother, the aero bit of the seat post is important, isn't it? it means it flattens out to a blade-like profile at the back, doesn't it? If so, the Red Eye would be wholly unsuitable, sorry.
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