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Bristol Belter

Bradders87Bradders87 Posts: 93
Anyone doing it? It's right on my doorstep so hard to say no, would be my first sportive though. What range of abilities do you usually get on something like this? I'd probably be looking to do the long course in under 6 hours.


  • I'm hoping to ride it - as with you it pretty much passes my front door.

    The Belter looks fantastic - I'm not sure what the total height gain stats are but it would be worth working that out so you know what to expect. The Mendips section is probably around 1,000m of climbing at a guess. Here's a link to a training ride I've done a couple of times recently - 4 good climbs involved total 1,200m and less than 70 kms, so OK for a Saturday morning ride.

    I've only done 2 sportives myself and found both really tough days out - the Dragon in June and Tour of the Black Mountains last weekend. The ToBM was murderous.

    Expect a fair range of experience from uber fit to keen enthusiasts [such as myself], who get around but not in much style. Best to ride in a small group of people who are at a similar level and you are comfortable riding with - preferably with one strong rider.

    6 hours for the 150 km ride will be respectable. I'd find that tough going - average 25 km/h including feed stops will be fine on the more level sections but hard work to sustain in the Mendips. Go for it!

    Having a plan for nutrition and hydration both leading up to the day and during it are essential. Check out this website - a Bristol based endurance athlete. The book is very good and has helped me.

    I go for 1 bottle an hour plus one before the race starts, alternating energy mix and electrolytes.

    Be self sufficient - feed stations can vary in quality wildly and what's on offer might not be to your taste. I take my own gels, bars, drink powder and electrolyte tabs. Anything edible is a bonus. On the ToBm this weekend, the second feed station had lovely fresh rolls and and everyone there was stuffing them down!
  • Hugh AHugh A Posts: 1,189
    I quite fancy it too - and very handy for Bristol. The web-site says there is 1900m of climbing for the 150km route and 1300m for the 100km, so plenty to get stuck into but not as much as the Dragon.
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere
  • Who's up for this then ?

    Undecided as to whether to go for it regardless of weather or enter on the day . . . . .
  • Hugh AHugh A Posts: 1,189
    Is there entry on the day? That could be handy as I'm not sure if I will be availabe or not. At the moment I know I should be free on the Saturday when the 'Tasty Cheddar' audax is on - 100km over a lot of the same roads so will probably do that again, and see how things are on Sunday.
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere
  • I'm doing it + a few others. I was told there was a limit of 300riders. Email them from their website and ask if there is any spaces left. Looks a good route.
    There's a video preview on the roadcc(??) website.
    All my life I've wanted to be someone; I guess I should have been more specific.
  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,089
    i will be doing it if weather is ok, leaving it until tuesday or wednesday to book it,done cheddar last week,dragon in june and cotswolds in july. the belter goes through portishead where i live so really fancy it.
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  • PhilbyPhilby Posts: 328
    Might sign up if the weather looks good - route seems to be similar to the Black Rat Sportive earlier in the year which was quite wet, so don't fancy getting wet and cold again in the Mendips.
  • i live in the chew valley area and i am intrested in this , is there any more info please.
  • Weather forecast looks like a pile of shoot with Sunday being the worst day of the weekend, hoping 5 day forecast is as wrong as it normally is.
  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,089
    weather looks totally censored for sunday :cry::cry:
    Colnago c60 Eps super record 11
    Pinarello F8 with sram etap
  • not just wet, windy too. no fun in wind & rain i've signed up but probably wont do it now.shame as i've done loads of training.i've ridden some of the course,descents especially around airport into wrington will be hairy in wind & rain.
  • Not sure what exactly an Audax is all about, but as I fancy a group ride this weekend , might do this instead on Sat . . .

    Will cost a wopping 4 quid though.
  • HuwSHuwS Posts: 12
    Ah, my cunning plan was to pickup some Crud Roadracer mudguards yesterday.

    Now if I could just work out how to fix an umbrella to the bike I'll be laughing..
  • vorsprungvorsprung Posts: 1,953
    pantsani wrote:
    Not sure what exactly an Audax is all about, but ...

    "About Audaxing"
    "Audax A-Z"
  • rbarcanrbarcan Posts: 206
    Anyone actually do this yesterday?

    I set out from home at 7.30 to get to the start. I live near the Downs. I dont mind rain but the wind meant I was all over teh place. It was so wild that I had to be in the small ring to make any forward progress and was nearly blown over twice.

    Already soaked and the bike now filthy from all the debris from the horsechestnut trees, I got as far as Ladies Mile and then thought "What's the point" so went back to bed (after cleaning the bike).

    Shortest sportive I have ever done for sure.
  • HuwSHuwS Posts: 12
    Yup, I did it.

    Think we got away very lightly with the weather. I set off around 0830 and for the most part if was either drizzle or fine with a few heavy bursts. Wind was a bit rough at times and some of the road surfaces weren't great but all in all thought it was a good day.

    (On a sunny day would have been a really nice route)
  • I did the 150 km route. I'd say a lot of folk dropped out - not sure how many started out of the 300. The weather was pretty rough up to the first feed station but blew itself out before midday. Tough going across the levels and interesting trying to form an echelon of 3 riders! Cracking well researched route on the whole though and well signposted. Feed stations good and even offered a cup of tea at the last one! Well done to everyone who braved the elements!
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