Sorry! another tyre question

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I have fitted a pair of - Michelin XC Hard Terrain, seen here: ... 37&lang=EN

Why well it seemed a good idea at the time, anyway my riding is mostly on road with just a tiny bit of off.

These seemed a good bet to suit both types of surface, however, they are giving me problems at the back end, it slides at anygiven time I have checked they are on the right way round but I don't feel as well planted as when I had the Maxxis Slicks on that came with the bike secondhand.

I have the Kenda Nevegal's that came with the bike and was wondering if a combination of tyres I have would work or should I up it down to a bad call and buy some different ones?


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    Nothing wrong with combining tyres. Just use whatever works, which in this case is obviously not the michelins.
    I'd be more concerned about the front sliding out though.
  • Cheers for the reply regarding combing tyres.

    The Michelin does feel stable up front, it's just the rear that's slidding out, so I'm not sure if maybe I should stick a Kenda Nevegal on the back.

    Or just can the Michelins and maybe go for some Panaracer Fire XC 2.1 or another tyre that folks think will suit.

    Also, looking for good priced tyres as I have a garage that is starting to fill up with them.

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    I'm curious that you're losing traction on the back more than the front, it could be down to technique.
    But if it does highlight a flaw in your technique (and I'm not categorically saying it is), it shows that you are definitely weighing the front wheel more than the rear, which is ultimately a really good thing.
    Maybe you could try and shift your weight rearwards a little when cornering, but you're definitely in the good habit of getting the front to bite.
  • Think I'm going to try mixing them up this weekend and see what comes out!

    Maybe a change of setup on the bike will help, I have been raising the seat a little every week, not sure what that is doing to my setup?

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    I use the Panaracer Fire XC Pro on my Avalanche and they work very well. Quite light, fast rolling probably not as fast as a racing ralph but then they are half the price too. Works well in the soft stuff but can get clogged with sticky mud but few tyres really do clear themselves. The design has been around for years with just the materials tweaked which is testament to the tyre design.