Tightness in calf

Dick Scruttock
Dick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
Can anyone give me any advice on this one. I have been feeling some discomfort in the back of my right calf muscle. I can only really describe it as a knot like feeling in it. I only seem to feel it during climbs and it gets no worse during the ride. What advice can people give me as to try and stop it, maybe try changes to seating position or what else can i try?


  • unixnerd
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    Are you using clip in pedals? If so I'd try a new cleat position, that solved a similar problem for me. See:

    http://www.cyclefitcentre.com/pdf%20fin ... _final.pdf
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  • Dick Scruttock
    Dick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Yes i am using SPD pedals. I will have a read of that site, thanks for the info.
  • .blitz
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    I think SPDs can be responsible for all kinds of problems. I've used them for many years but a while back I experienced an odd sensation in the back of my knees/upper calves that prevented me from pushing down hard on the pedals e.g. when standing up.

    After a bit of faffing about I tried some different shoes (MP66s) and the problem went away. I think my old three-strap shoes were too stiff and of course the temptation is there to ratchet them up tight. Clipped-in rigid shoes, legs going round and upper body moving about think about it something has to give. The MP66s are stiff enough for trail riding but the uppers are more flexible and easier on the legs.
  • Dick Scruttock
    Dick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Quick update, I adjusted the cleats a little and when for a quick blast earlier on. I had no discomfort climbing at all although the truth will come out tomorrow when i go for a decent ride. Might pack a allen key just incase i need to go back to the old setting.
  • Dick Scruttock
    Dick Scruttock Posts: 2,533
    Right proper update, first mile or so of gentle climbing i had no discomfort in my calf at all but a slight feeling never experienced in my knee. This was swiftly put down to the new position of the cleat and i carried on. For the next 10 miles of big climbs and descents (yep 10 miles sounds shit but its big climbs round by me and big descents) i felt no discomfort at all.

    Thanks guys.