Total beginner - buying advice please!

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I'm hoping somebody will be able to help!

My partner and myself are looking to purchase bikes under the Government's Cycle To Work scheme. Ideally, we'd like something that will be good on the roads to get to the railway station and also some light off road cycling on the weekend.

Budget wise, we don't really want to spend any more that £350-400 before the discount received through the scheme.

The scheme is run through independent bike retailers so cannot go to Halfords or any of the large stores. The ones nearest us are CycleLife (seem to do Raleigh mainly) and a shop called CycleWorks (seem to do expensive ones!)

Are there any particular models we should be looking for in particular and also any that we shouldn't?

We had a little go on the Raleigh AT30 bikes and they seemed ideal.




  • paulbox
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    How about the Hardrock Sport Disc 2010, £399 at CycleWorks:
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    As is traditional, if in doubt, go for a hardrock. The best one you can afford. They're very good beginners type mountain bikes. Good enough frame to upgrade the parts and not be totally wasting your money - if you want to that is :)
  • supersonic
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    The basic models are vey poor though - I'd avoid the standard Hardrock, and Hardrock Disc. The Sport is better, but the Comp is the mid budget one to get. Or Pro if you can afford it.

    I'd look at the Mongoose Tyax Elite: ... gn=froogle

    Hydraulically damped fork, hydro discs and tough wheelset.
  • stuisnew
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    I would have previously suggested that the Hardrock is a decent place to start but like supersonic I've heard bad things about there cheaper models.

    What about a giant talon? Decent frame if you get the bug and want to replace worn parts in the future.