Is 5 weeks too soon to train for first 100+ mile sportive?!

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How often can you get out to train?

As long as you can do it regularly enough to increase Mileage up to 80% of the 115 mile target about a week before the ride, you should be ok. But dont overdo it and forsake rest days thinking that another ride cant hurt.

Bear in mind a lot of people do 50's with no training at all (London to Brighton springs to mind!)


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    It depends on your bike as much as how fit you are in such a short time. You are bike savvy which helps enormously. In 5 weeks try going out early on a Sunday morning and doing 30, 45, 50, 70 and 40 miles. Take your time and enjoy.

    Make sure your bike is up to 115 miles, oiled and pumped up etc.

    The hardest part will be aches and pains from approx 8 hours riding position so at feed stations try stretching and limbering up. Eat loads, drink loads and pace yourself. Possible carry a small sachet of butt cream.
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    Try and get an idea on the climbing involved in the route. 115 miles relatively flat will hurt, but is do able (five weeks is a good lead time to get up to around the 80 mile distance).

    You might struggle if it's hilly, you might need a compact chainset, but all things considered, go for it and enjoy !
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    Ive been cycling for about 3years, i did the 104mile Northern Rock Cyclone last month. Prior to that my longest ride was about 65miles and my normal rides were generally 20 - 30miles 3 to 4 times a week. I think its just as important to get out and ride as often as you can as it is to put the miles in.

    The Cylone was difficult due to the hills but all in all not as hard as it expected it to be. Just get out and ride, time in the saddle is very important. I
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    Read this in a recent cycle mag, they recommended getting the event mileage done 5-6 weeks prior to the event and then work on climbing/intervals etc leading up to the race.

    As you cannot do this don't worry and try to just up your mileage. Last year I done my first hundred miler with only a sixty under my belt. Load up on the carbs prior to race day and take it steady.
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    It gives it a grade 6 on their website, recommends training for grade 7 and above:

    Grade 6: Rolling Hills with some challenges along the way.

    Grade 7: Hilly route with some testing climbs; Training required!

    Most of the others are grade 7 or 8, though Suffolk Sunrise 100 is grade 4. Have you got a route map for it yet?
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    On my first 100 mile ride, id been drinking the night before and the night before that.
    And hadnt had much sleep. I averaged 16mph over 97 miles, with hills. I suffered more because of the booze id had the two night previous.

    Dont know if ou drink or not but, id recomend quit drinking a minimum of 7 days before you ride & get plenty of sleep.

    It will help. Oh and take some Gels. And energy bars.
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    You can do it. You may not break the land speed record, but chances are you'll finish it. At least you're used to riding a bike - just not the distance. If you're going at a leisurely pace on the day and it's not too hilly - you should complete it.

    You won't want to walk much the next day (week) though.
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    Its going to be tough - but if you build up your weekend rides, take it steady and eat all the way through the ride - you should get there.

    Of course it depends if your friends are fast - if you go with them = you'll blow big time - so make it known in advance that you need them to go at your pace ?
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    I'm doing this ride as well, its going to be my first 50+ mile ride.

    I'm currently putting in a 40 mile weekend ride and commute 10 miles a day. Hoping to steadily increase weekend ride up to around 80, 85+ miles about a week before the ride.

    Hopefully that will be enough, from what I've read its a matter of going at your own pace, eating and stretching regularly on the day.

    Any advice is always welcome.

    good luck
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    You might need a bit of will power on the day, but you'll get round somehow. Your sense of achievement will be immense.

    Check out the weather forecast well in advance. If it's going to be hot, make sure you are well hydrated leading up to it.

    If possible get details of the route, a Garmin graph of the hills/elevation would be ideal, so there are no nasty surprises for when the hills appear. Enjoy!
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    Advice from someone who did the Cairngorm 100 as his first sportive. Dont set off like a bullet at the start and try and race the event,if you bonk before 50m you will be in trouble.Concentrate on going at your own pace and drafting as much as possible. You pay good money for these events so at the very least enjoy it.Your training plan sounds spot on-dont be tempted to go out on rest days even if your feeling good!
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    Riding with others will give you a terrific boost too and dont be ashamed to pull over and drink and eat. And do start eating and drinking straight away.
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    Riding with others will give you a terrific boost too and dont be ashamed to pull over and drink and eat. And do start eating and drinking straight away.


    However, a kebab and seven pints of lager may not be the most proficient approach.
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  • It may be that you only have four weeks as you should not do much in the run-up
    in order to conserve energy.
    Best of luck with it :)
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