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What's Broken Here?

VivicaVivica Posts: 68
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Any ideas people?

If it's not clear from the video, every time my right food reaches the peak, i hear a click, and feel it in my right foot through the pedal.
I suspect this is a shattered or cracked bearing somewhere... Not certain where.

Is this just a case of buying a new set of bearings?
The bike is a 2007 Tricross Sport Triple.

Many Thanks


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    in all gears?

    if yes a new BB.
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  • VivicaVivica Posts: 68
    Thanks for the reply. It does happen in every single gear.

    Any suggestions where i can order one online?
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    Could be a faulty pedal bearing.
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  • flatericflateric Posts: 201
    I had this with a bike once, exact same symptoms and it was the bottom bracket but was caused by the whole bracket moving in the frame. The frame was worn at the point where BB tightened up so the threads in the frame would not hold it in place.

    Bike frame was scrapped :-(
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  • VivicaVivica Posts: 68
    Jesus H Christ - Better get it to the shop post haste then, it's been making that noise for a couple of weeks now.

    I'd been hoping it was just a bearing and that a new set would solve the problem - i seriously can't afford to be shelling out on a whole new frame!!
  • DesWeller wrote:
    Could be a faulty pedal bearing.

    Change your pedals first, ask a friend to swap pedals and try.
    If it stops then bingo, if it doesnt then get same friend to hold the bike still.
    Place cranks at 12 and 6 and grab one crank arm in each hand and push and pull through the frame. you may feel movement. Thats the bottom bracket bearings worn.
  • AlphabetAlphabet Posts: 436
    uh oh... this has been happening on my mtb too. warranty time...
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