quick question (novice alert)

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hi guys

sorry i f this seem a daft question but we all need to start somewere,

here goes
i have an entry level xc bike (carrera vulcan) and im tryin to upgrade the forks (suntour)
ive seen a few sets about but all seem to be post mount, my suntour are IS mount.
now looking at my caliper it looks like it is a post mount caliper with a IS mount adapter
what i want to know is if i buy new forks with post mount threads will my caliper bolt straight on (taking away the IS adapter) or do i need some other adapter to fit?
oh i have the standard 160 mil rotor

thanks in advance and again sorry if it seems a silly question


ps, admin hope this post is in the right place.


  • pte1643
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    Take away the adaptor and the caliper will fit directly onto the fork leg, just as you say.
  • gazmdm
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    thanks for the reply, ive let quite few bargins slip through my fingers because i thought i needed IS mount forks, so if i bolt straight on it will fit my disc?
  • pte1643
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    So long as you keep to the standard 160mm.
  • gazmdm
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    yeh thats great thanks for the quick replys and help
    should of done this weeks ago?

    thanks again
  • cavegiant
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    As you are a self proclaimed beginner, what fork are you going to buy?

    There is more than just the brake mount that needs to be taken into account!
    Why would I care about 150g of bike weight, I just ate 400g of cookies while reading this?